Custom Rubber Name Stamps & Business Stamps & Self-Inking Stamps Made in Adelaide

At Abbott Printers and Stationers, we pride ourselves on efficiency and we value yours also! Self-Inking Stamps are a great way to get a simple message or brand on to a form, a flyer, food packaging or even a wrist.

Whether you need a rubber stamp for a medical practice with a provider number to comply easily with government forms, A School library to mark school property or a trades person or sole trader to stamp invoices, we make clean easy to use self-inking stamps that are practical and long lasting.

Did you know Abbott’s can assist by our standard fast standard two-day turnaround or even our 4 hour service ($20 fee applies) for that common seal that has to be used to finalise a legal document.

Have you ever walked into a venue and had your wrist stamped, chances are that very stamp was made here at Abbott’s. Venue owners know we make our own stamps here and being laser cut they trust their logo will look great no matter what they are stamping it onto.

Legal Stamps and More

Legal stamps are a specialty here. Do you need a stamp for JP services or to show you are a commissioner of Affidavits? We have the templates here that can be customised to make your stamp purchase painless.

Check out our online self-inking rubber stamp templates or email us

Got Questions? We have only experienced staff and will be happy to help on the phone or in person See our contact us page for more information.

Most are printed within 24 hours, and we offer competitive Australia-wide shipping.